About Us

Rt. Rev. Dr. K. Mariadas, M.S.F.S.,D.D.,J.U.D., the Catholic Archbishop of Visakhapatnam, is the founder and President of the Governing Body of St. Mary's Centenary College of Elementary Teacher(D.Ed.) Education, a Catholic Christian Minority Institution.

The Diocese of Visakhapatnam has records of mission activities as far back as 1669 under the able guidance of missionaries of St. Francis de Sales. It took shape of a full-fledged Diocese in 1886. Since then the educational activities have seen great strides and today thanks to the Archbishop that the Archdiocese of Visakhapatnam, boasts of its first D.Ed. College in the Diocese.

St. Mary's Centenary College of Elementary Teacher (D.Ed.) Education was started in the true tradition of the catholic church on 1st May 2008 with the sole aim to draw people to God in wisdom and knowledge, and train young teachers in giving sound and quality education to the primary children with moral values. The college continually prays to its loving patroness, Blessed Virgin Mary for heavenly assistance to find fulfillment.

LIGHT AND LIFE is the motto of the college. Light is the symbol of knowledge which dispels the darkness of ignorance from life. It leads man from the shadow of death to life in our day to day living and in human relationships. All-round development of a child is the vision of every teacher. This college as a center of learning, offers such formation to every student teacher who enters this institution to learn. They in turn lead the young children towards fullness of life which is to become enlightened and humane human beings.

"Diploma in Education (D.Ed.) is a two year Teacher Training course. This course aims at imparting high quality training for the candidates in various aspects of teaching like theoretical and practical understanding of psychology of the child, delivering lessons, teaching methodology coupled with practical training in teaching to the students. The curriculum has been thoughtfully designed for making the teacher trainees emotionally and intellectually competent to discharge their functions effectively and efficiently."

Objectives and Specifications

St. Mary's Centenary College of Elementary Teacher (D. Ed) Education aims at achieving the following objectives :

  • To develop a strong character at the Primary level for a truthful life in God
  • To strengthen the faith of the catholic students
  • To work out new vistas for insemination of knowledge
  • To work for universal literacy
  • To help in the social transformation and national development
  • To contribute to the richness of the values of Indian culture
  • To strengthen, values of democracy, secularism and socialism

The college strives to achieve the above mentioned objectives through concrete and specific measure. The teacher - student or the scholastic will train himself in:

  • absorbing moral and spiritual values
  • respecting every one and making no discrimination on religion, caste or language basis
  • feeling of fellowship
  • cultivating independent thinking
  • thorough - going in one's studies (scholarly)
  • desiring excellence in whatever one is doing
  • familiarizing oneself with media of communications
  • enriching one's undertaking with the basic process,planning, motivation and evaluation
  • knowing the working of the 'psyche' of the taught
  • innovating vistas of curricular and co-curricul activities
  • fully realizing the responsibility of teaching; and
  • accepting the teaching profession for life as a noble Mission from God to Humanity